Darden (DRI) spinoff of Four Corners Property Trust (FCPT)

On November 9th, Darden (DRI) completed a spinoff of Four Corners Property Trust (FCPT).

This is a standard spinoff that can be entered by going to Transactions > Spinoff -or- Accounting > Securities > Spinoff.

The information below is taken from the Darden web site Tax Basis worksheet, which was found in the Investor Relations area of the Darden web site, included with the details of the Four Corners Property Trust Spinoff, Tax Basis Worksheet. The direct link to the file is: https://s2.q4cdn.com/922937207/files/doc_downloads/2015/FourCorners/IRS-Form-8937.pdf

The information needed to complete the spinoff:

  • Date: November 9th
  • Parent Security: Darden
  • New companies: 1
  • Remaining Basis Percentage: 89.39 (While the program gives the option for an old price per share, Darden has provided the remaining basis figure, so we encourage you to use that instead.
  • Spinoff Security: Four Corners Property Trust (FCPT)
  • Shares Received: Number of Darden shares, multiplied by .33 (don't forget to include fractional shares)
  • Price per share of the new security: 20.13
  • Cash Received: Enter any cash received for fractional shares.