For refund requests, contact ICLUBcentral's Customer Support team at
877-334-2582.  When considering returns, we want to be reasonable, fair, and
crystal-clear.  Here's our return policy for both products and services. 
Products  (like Club Accounting for the Desktop or Investor's Toolkit)

We accept returns within 30 days of the shipped date of the product.  Expect
a full refund if the software does not function on your computer and you've
made a reasonable attempt with ICLUB's Technical Support to get it to work.
A refund request for any other reason may be honored with an exchange of
software of similar value. Returns after 30 days will not be accepted.

Recognizing that the restocking process costs time and money, we charge a
restock fee of 15% of the original purchase price on all returned products.
This fee, in addition to the non-refundable shipping and handling fee, will
be deducted from any refund.  

We can't resell opened items or used serial numbers, so opened products or
services MAY NOT be returned for a refund.  

Services  ( like StockCentral and Investor Advisory Service )

Once you purchase a service and create a login, you have access to that
service.  No refunds will be offered for a service once you have a username
and password.