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Order Your 2016 Federal and State Club Tax Printers

Current Form Status:
Federal Forms: FINAL
State Forms for AZ, CO, GA, IA, IN, MN, MO, WI: FINAL
State Forms for CA, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA: DRAFT

Club Accounting 3 Users:
Order your Club Tax Printer Download or CD for CA3.
Download your Club Federal Tax Printer and/or
Download your Club State Tax Printer. Users:
Order your Club Tax Printer for
To access, select the Taxes tab in your club's web site.

IRS regulations have changed! This year, your club’s federal (and in many cases, your state) tax returns must be filed by March 15, 2017. You can get your investment club prepared for tax season the easy way by pre-ordering your Federal and State Club Tax printers from ICLUBcentral - the #1 tax preparation software for investment clubs. And if you order right now you’ll save $10 off the regular price! Trusted by thousands of investment clubs since 1989, our Club Tax Printer software makes it simple to file all required IRS and state returns in record time. And if you’re not using Club Accounting 3 or, now’s the perfect time to enhance your club’s operations with one of these popular solutions.

$74.99 for StockCentral Members: Order Here
$99.99 for Non-Members: Order Here

Download CA3 Tax Printers Here

Our Club Tax Printer Software Has Been Enhanced With These Great Features

  • Supports large clubs (having assets greater than $600,000) with additional forms required.
  • Workflow saves user-entered cost basis details from 1090 for sold securities from session to session.
  • Single-screen questionnaire replaces old step-by-step wizard with streamlined interface that saves details from session to session.
  • Worksheet aids in preparing constructive ownership form for family clubs.

Plus all the great standard features that makes ICLUB Tax Printer the #1 tax preparation software for investment clubs:

  • Prints required IRS Forms and Tax Forms for 14 States.
  • Available for Club Accounting 3 and
  • Investment Club Accounting Solutions Trusted by Thousands of Clubs Since 1989.
  • …and much more.

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