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Products for Individual Investors
The world's most popular software for fundamental stock analysis, guiding investors since 1991.
Web site for screening stock data, that helps investors identify companies with specific characteristics. No additional data subscription is required.
Professional-quality stock research for the independent individual investor.
Monthly small cap newsletter written by pros. Print and online editions available.
Our most powerful and advanced stock analysis software with time-tested forms for experienced investor.
Our exclusive and comprehensive ebook teaches the secrets of successful investment clubs.
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Monthly investing newsletter written by pros since 1973. Print and online editions available. is a full-featured web-based portfolio management tool. Keep track of all of your personal investment transactions for stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, cash, and even investment clubs.
The first website for fundamental investors that combines a high-quality data service, community discussion, intuitive analysis tools, and historical data on 7,700 publicly-traded companies in *.SSG format.
Ellis Traub's Take Stock tells you exactly how a "normal person" like you -- regardless of education or experience -- can invest successfully. Designed for beginners but beneficial to all fundamental long term investors, Take Stock is an important addition to your investing library.
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Products for Investment Clubs
Desktop software helping investment clubs track their finances since 1989.
Quickly and easily prepare your club's required IRS filings (as well as state forms for Arizona, California, Indiana, Iowa, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Wisconsin). Federal and state forms available for Club Accounting 3 and Club Accounting Online. Serial number to unlock downloaded file shipped via email.
Private club website includes accounting, file sharing, discussion boards and more. SSL encryption and multilevel access for security.
The job of treasurer is one of the most demanding roles in an investment club. The Customer Support and Maintenance Agreement makes this job a good deal easier by providing expert assistance with club accounting and regular software updates to keep current with tax law.
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