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Software and Tools for Investors and Investment Clubs

ICLUBcentral is the leading global provider of tools for investment clubs and their members, offering software, web services, newsletters, and books all to help individual investors to be successful. Our products include:

Tools for Investors - A suite of software and some of the nation's most highly-rated investing newsletters that help individuals to learn about stock and mutual fund investing, screen and analyze stocks in-depth, and manage a portfolio.

Toolkit 6 - The world's most popular software for fundamental stock analysis, guiding investors since 1991. Analyze the long-term prospects of any company using this software and build a profitable portfolio.
Investor Advisory Service - One of the nation's top-performing stock newsletters when it comes to consistent, long-term performance. This award-winning stock newsletter has been guiding investors to success since 1973.
SmallCap Informer - Discover outstanding, high-quality small-cap stocks with excellent long-term prospects in a monthly small-cap stock newsletter. Past picks are tracked and recommended for sale when necessary - A stock investing portal, featuring online stock analysis tools, stock screener, message boards, sector and industry averages, and a data service with 10 years of historical data on any stock for Toolkit 6 users. - Professional-quality stock research for the independent individual investor. A web-based research tool that gives you deep insights, technical opinions, competitor analysis, warning flags, key indicator ratings, and much more. - A full-featured web-based portfolio management tool. Keep track of all of your personal transactions for stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, cash, and even investment clubs. - The most powerful and comprehensive tool for long-term-based stock screening. Over 120 separate criteria. Beginning to advanced investors. No software to update or install.
Stock Analyst - Our most powerful and advanced stock analysis software program, featuring customizable options. Commonsense Guide to a Starting Successful Investment Club - Our comprehensive ebook teaches the secrets of successful clubs.

Take Stock 3rd Edition - Finally, a book that tells you exactly how a "normal person" like you, regardless of education or experience, can invest successfully.

Tools for Investment Club Accounting and Club Tax Preparation - Software and web services to aid clubs in keeping the books and running a successful investment club. Software and web services to allow clubs to easily generate the required Federal and state forms for their investment clubs.

Club Accounting for Windows - Helping investment clubs accurately track their finances since 1989. - The world's most popular online website for investment clubs.
Federal & State Tax Printers - Instantly generates the necessary tax forms for investment clubs.

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