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Club Accounting 3

If you've spent any time in an investment club, you'll know that keeping accurate club books is an absolute must. In fact, Club Accounting software is often the first purchase a new investment club makes.

Club Accounting has been helping investment clubs track their finances since 1989! The program features an easy-to-use interface to help you understand your club finances, print reports, share graphs of club performance with club members, and prepare club taxes in accordance with federal tax law. Over fifty thousand copies have been sold to investment clubs. Our latest release, Club Accounting for Windows version 3, offers more than ever before!

With version 3 you get all the rich accounting and support functionality you expect, with these additional features:

  • New theme-based user interface
  • Time saving Wizards that walk you through common tasks - like monthly meetings or closing your books for the year
  • Reconcile accounts feature
  • Context-sensitive help - just hit F1 anywhere in the program
  • New accounting engine to 100% match Club Accounting Online
  • Automatic audit with each transaction
  • Built in auto-updater to receive the latest patches
  • Verify your support status instantly
  • Instant online prices for valuation
  • Instant stock ticker quotes to evaluate any company
  • Import from NCA 2 or online accounting system
  • Export reports to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Print mailing labels for members

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Includes one free year of Club Accounting Maintenance, which must be renewed every year thereafter.
A one-time purchase of a perpetual additional license and serial number for a Co-Treasurer (or permanent operation on a second computer), can be bought by calling ICLUBcentral at 1-877-334-2582

Please note system requirements before purchasing.

Club Accounting 3
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Club Accounting 3 from ICLUBcentral Makes Club Accounting Easier Than Ever! (Press Release)

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