Searching FAQs

The FAQ system is currently going through some changes, which have resulted in the search feature temporarily being disabled. While we're working on this, I wanted to post some steps on how you can use some of the major search sites to specifically search *just* on the FAQ site.

Google and Bing

From the address bar of your browser, or either of the Google or Bing search pages, you can use the term site: to search just on a single web site. In the example below, I'm using site: to tell Google to search just on the site, for any results about mergers.

A search like this can return a lot of results, but just like regular searching on Google, you can always narrow down your results. The first image is just from searching for the term merger. If you narrow down, and search for merger tesla instead, you get the second result. There are still some results you don't really need, but the one you're looking for is more likely to be at the top of the results. While Bing may order some of the later results on a page differently, it will give essentially the same top results that Google does


Yahoo also has a site search feature, but instead of typing everything in at once, you first type in the site that you want to search. Typing into a Yahoo search page will give a result similar to what you see to below, where Yahoo itself adds in a second search box, which will look *only* on the site you have searched for.

In this case, if you type tesla merger into the smaller search box under the listing for ICLUBcentral faq, and click the Search button, Yahoo will show an entirely new page, similar to the following image. The top results are the same as with Google or Bing, but Yahoo then suggests other sites and information. This can be nice if you're searching for a specific term, but if you have a more general question, you might find it easier to simply return to the FAQ site, and use one of the categories on the left-hand side of the page.

Hints and tips for using the FAQ system

Here are some suggestions we have that can help make sure you get to the answers you're looking for a little bit faster:

 Check the Categories: Take a look on the left hand side of the page, and you will see we're sorting notes by categories; if you're using the regular club accounting program, click on that first, and you will be able to avoid any notes that don't relate to the program you're using. SImilarly, if you are using the online tax printer, click there first, and then start searching. While a lot of the notes will overlap, there's no reason to have skip through notes about clearing your browser cache if you're using the desktop accounting, or to pore over the specifics of how to delete a transaction from the desktop accounting if you're on a web browser instead.


Popular, Latest and Sticky: Take a look on the right hand side of the page for notes that have been voted on, added recently, or that we simply think are important enough to always have show up.


Primers: If the question you have is about a more invovled process, such as closing the club, take a look in the Primers section. In that section we post steps on issues that can take more than the usual amount of navigating around the system, or your computer.

Additions and steps

As much as the Why do I Need to Choose a Cost Basis note is popular, there are a few others that are worth highlighting.


Thanks to some of the particularities of how Club Accounting needs to be set up, the Why do I get the wrong year tax forms, or see an error after cllicking the FINISH button? Is always useful to keep on hand.


And while manuals and how-to’s aren’t exciting, they are one of the primary food groups of software and web site use. As such, don’t forget to take a look at the guides for How do I use the Desktop tax printeras well as How do I use the Online Tax Printer? for those using the site.