Upload Picture

This page allows you to upload a small personal picture, which will appear when any member sees your profile.

Click the Browse, or Choose File button to open a window that will let you browse files on your computer.

Navigate to a .GIF , .JPG or .PNG image file on your computer, and double-cick to select it. While we don't currently have a limit on the image size, keep in mind that it will be scaled to 150x150 pixels on the People page, so larger images may be difficult to make out.

This will return you to the site, where the image name will be listed

Click Save Changes and the myICLUB.com site will take a moment to copy the file from your computer. When this is done, you will be returned to the Preferences page. Click View My Profile to see the image on your Profile page, or People, to see the image as the rest of the club will see it when they visit the People page.