Security Ledger Report

Security Ledger

The Security Ledger shows transaction history, between the specified dates, for securities in the club’s portfolio. The report also lists the starting balance for each security as of the report’s starting date.

Security Ledger Report Options

You can specify the starting and ending date for the report, and you can specify the securities included in the report. The options are available the box labeled “Show transactions.”

Enter the starting and ending dates for the report in the “from” and “to” boxes.

Use the drop down list to select the securities included in the report. By clicking on the drop down list, you can select “Active securities,” “Inactive securities,” or you can select specific securities. An asterisk identifies Inactive members.

The drop down list of securities lets you select multiple securities. To do this, hold down the CTRL key as you click on individual entries in the list. Alternatively, you can hold down the “Shift” key to select a contiguous group of entries.

Click “Submit” to generate the report with the new selections.


Security Ledger Report Description

  • Date – date of the transaction
  • Transaction – type of transaction. Click on the entry to view or edit the transaction
  • Shares – Number of shares involved in the transaction.
  • Price/share – the price per share of the security on given date.
  • Amount - dollar amount involved in this transaction.
  • Block - block number assigned to these shares, if applicable.
  • Total shares - cumulative total shares up to the date of the transaction.
  • Total cost basis - cumulative total cost of the shares (includes commissions) at the time of the transaction. This total cost and the total shares are equal to those shown on the Valuation Statement for the same security and date