Cash Journal

The Cash Journal contains a list of all cash transactions between specified dates. Use this report to reconcile cash accounts.

Each entry in the report contains the details for a single transaction. The report shows the amount of the transaction and the balance (after including the transaction) in any cash account affected by the transaction.

The report shows the starting balance for each cash account as of the first date of the report. The report also shows the ending balances, as of the last date included in the report.

Cash Journal Report Options

You can specify the starting and ending date for the report, and you can specify the securities included in the report. The options are available the box labeled “Show transactions.”

Enter the starting and ending dates for the report in the “from” and “to” boxes.

Use the drop down list to select the cash accounts included in the report. By clicking on the drop down list, you can select “All accounts,” or you can select a specific account.

Click “Submit” to generate the report with the new selections.



Cash Journal Report Description

  • Date – date of the transaction.
  • Type – type of transaction. Click the entry to view or edit the transaction.
  • Description – description of the transaction
  • Receipts – Cash received by the club. Examples include dividends, interest, member payments and fees, and proceeds from the sale of securities. You may have negative receipts, such a returned check. These transactions have a negative sign in front of the amount (-).
  • Expenditures - Cash paid out by the club. Examples include a security purchase, a member withdrawal, and payment of expenses.
  • Cash Accounts – The report has one column for each cash account owned by the club. Club Accounting Online computes the total in each account after adding or subtracting the amount in the Expenditure or Receipt to the previous account balance. The report shows zero balances in an account as blank space.