Company Size Diversification

The Company Size Diversification report shows a break-down of the club’s assets by the size of the company that each security is connected to, as of the club’s most recent valuation.

Size is based on company's revenues for the most recent twelve months.

  • Annual revenues for a "micro" company are below $100 million a year
  • A small company's revenues are between $100 million and $1 Billion
  • A mid-sized company are between $1 Billion and $10 billion
  • A large company is between $10 billion and $50 billion
  • Annual revenues for a "mega" company are greater than $50 billion.

Data is provided by Morningstar, Inc. via StockCentral (

The report also lists the value of the club’s cash accounts, and any ‘unknown’ securities. Unknown securities are simply those that are not tracked by Morningstar due either to size (Penny Stocks), or type (such as bonds, CDs, etc.)

Company Size Diversification Description

The Company Size Diversification report is divided up into four columns, and up to seven main row sections (Unknown, Micro, Small, Mid, Large, Mega, Cash & Other).

The Columns:

·         Size – Lists the companies that the club held as of the latest valuation, grouped by size; in addition to the company size, the report also includes sections for securities that are not tracked by our database (unknown), and any Cash accounts.

·         Company – Lists the name of the security, along with it’s ticker symbol, or Account name where appropriate.

·         Market Value – Lists the market value of the security as of the latest valuation; each size section also includes the total market value of companies of that size (Micro, Small, Mid, etc.)


·         % of club – Lists the percent of the total value of the club for each security, as well as each size segment, as of the latest valuation.