Portfolio Review

The Portfolio Review Report lets you view quarterly operations and the percent changes from the comparable periods in the previous year to receive early warning signals when you need to investigate sub-par performance.

In the spring of 2021, the report started using information from stock studies that members could select from their SSGplus libraries on the BetterInvesting.org web site.

Portfolio Review Description

The Portfolio Review Report is divided up into several sections, and sub-sections:

  • Company – The name of the company.
  • Div – Expected Dividends to be paid on common shares in the next 12 months.
  • %Yld – Current dividend yield, calculated by dividing expected dividends of next 12 months by Price as of last Valuation Statement.
  • Est FTM EPS - Earnings Per Share expected in the next 12 months, based on member's SSG.
  • EPS – Earnings Per Share figures comparing the most recent quarter to the same quarter one year ago.
    • The three sub-columns show the month and year of the two quarters being compared, the actual EPS figures for those two quarters, and the % change from one year to the next.
  • Sales – Compares the most recent quarter to the same quarter one year ago.
    • The sub-headings of Mill $ and % Chg show the sales in Millions, and the Percent change between the two figures.
  • Pre-Tax Profit - Compares the most recent quarter to the same quarter one year ago.
    • The sub-headings of Mill $, % Chg, and %Sales show the Pre-Tax Profit in Millions, the Percent change between the two figures, and the Percent of the total sales represented by the Pre-Tax Profit figures.
  • TTM EPS – Compares the Trailing Twelve Months EPS figure to the same figure one year ago.
    • The sub-headings of $ and % Chg show the TTM EPS in dollars, and the Percent change between the two figures.
  • Proj PE – Shows the Projected PE ratio, calculated by dividing Price by the estimated EPS for the next 12 months (Estimated EPS based on projections made in the stock study).
  • Price – Shows the price for the stock as of the most recent update to the stock study, and the date the study was updated. The date will be in Red if the prices are more than 7 days old.
  • Proj RV – Shows the Projected Relative Value of the stock at the current price, calculated by dividing the Projected P/E Ratio by the 5 year Average P/E Ratio.
  • 5 Yr Avg P/E Ratio – Shows average P/E ratios for the last five years.
    • The sub-headings of High, Avg, and Low show the Average of the High, Average and Low P/E figures over the last five years.
  • Est EPS Growth(%) - Selected growth rate from the member's stock study.
  • PEG Ratio – Projected Price/Earnings Ratio divided by Est. EPS growth rate on the member's stock study.
  • Rwd/Risk Ratio – The level of reward to risk measured by the distance from the current price to the Estimated 5-year High and 5-year Low prices. This will be highlighted if it's less than 1.
  • % Total Return - Projected annualized Total Return from capital appreciation, yield, and P/E Ratio expansion over the next five years. This field will be highighted, if it is less than 10%.
  • Est 5-Year – Shows a projected High and Low price the stock might reach in 5 years, based on the member's entries in section 4 of their stock study.


Highlight Colors on the report

When reading the Portfolio Review Report, you may see some of the numbers highlighted either in pink or yellow, with other numbers showing up red.

  • The EPS, Sales, Pre-Tax Profit, and Trailing 12 months EPS % Change figures will be highlighted in pink if their growth rates are less than what would be expected based on the StockWatcher’s projected EPS growth rate.
  • The Reward/Risk figure will be highlighted in Yellow if it is below 1 to 1.
  • The Projected Relative Value figure will be highlighted in yellow if it is either lower than 80, or over 150.
  • The % Total Return figure will be highlighted yellow if it is lower than 10.