Withdrawal Scenario Calculator

The withdrawal scenario calculator is designed to help you understand the ramifications and potential best course of action when a member departs your club.

The first screen asks you to choose a club member, if their withdrawal will be full or partial, and what that member's withdrawal date will be.
Keep in mind that a withdrawal cannot be entered on a valuation date

After choosing these three options, the report will show Recommended Scenarios, such as:

  • Transfer appreciated securities (with any remaining balance in cash).
  • Sell depreciated securities to raise cash.
  • Pay off member in cash.

These scenarios are in order from most to least recommended. Since it is only possible to go so far and still continue to 'recommend' a course of action, we also explicity include a 'Not Recommended Scenarios', section. This will most often list 'Sell appreciated securities', since this is something that, if asked we would specifically advise against doing.