Realized Gains/Losses Report

The Realized Gains/Losses report shows information on securities that the club has sold during the year. The intent of the report is to illustrate the club’s gains or losses on each block of stock sold during the range of dates selected by the member.

Report Options

You can specify the starting and ending date for the report. Enter the starting and ending dates for the report in the “from” and “to” boxes, and then click Submit to re-display the report.

You can also use the Subtotal By Security check-box to group the stocks by name.

Report Description

The report is divided into eight columns, showing the following information:

Security Name: Showing the name of the security as it appears on the club’s reports.

Purchase and Sale dates: Showing the purchase and sale dates of each block of shares sold during the specified time period. Keep in mind that while the Sale Date will often be the same for multiple blocks, the Purchase date will very likely be different for each block of each stock sold.

Sale Basis: The net proceeds from the sale of that block of shares

Cost Basis: The cost basis of the specific block of shares prior to sale.

Gain: Shows the amount of gain or loss, based on the difference between the Sale Basis and the Cost Basis. The system represents a loss by enclosing the number in parenthesis.

Shares: How many shares were sold from the particular block.

Gain Type: Shows the type of gain (Short or Long Term) for each block of shares sold.