StockWatcher Report

The stock watcher report is designed to be used by members who have been assigned to keep track of and report back to the club on specific stocks. Starting from the reports page, the member is first presented with the Stock Watcher Generator, where they choose which of their assigned stocks (or any of the club’s holdings, if they wish) to generate a report on. After choosing a stock, the member is shown information on the stock in question, which is designed to be printed out and brought to a club meeting, to help analyze the stock.

StockWatcher Report Options

The first part of the report, the Stock Watcher Generator presents the member with a list of any stocks that they have been assigned to watch, as well as a list of all current stocks, with a Generate StockWatcher Report button. Clicking the Generate StockWatcher Report, link or button will take the member to the actual Stock Watcher report. This report is automatically filled in; the only thing the member needs to do is click the Printer Friendly button to remove top and left-hand navigation areas from the page, and then print the report.

StockWatcher Report Description

The Stock Watcher report is divided into several sections:

  • Graph: The report starts displays a simple ten year graph plotting EPS and revenue in green and blue respectively, slightly thicker vertical lines to represent high and low prices for each fiscal year, and a small horizontal red line showing the current price of the stock when the report was generated.
  • Overview: The Overview gives some basic information about the stock’s place in the regular markets, and how the stock ranks among clubs using the online accounting. The market information includes the stock’s Industry, Sector, Revenues and size. The internal rankings show if the stock ranks among the top 40 stocks Bought, Sold, or Held by clubs using the system
  • Growth: The Growth section details the stocks’s performance over the last year in reported Earnings, Revenues, and Pre-tax profits, as well as Analyst estimates of the stock’s performance, and how it matches up to other stocks in the same Industry.
  • Quality: The Quality section uses the Take Stock tool from to rate the company from 1 to 10, and shows general trends for the last year in Pre-Tax Profit, Return on Equity (ROE), and Debt-To-Equity.
  • Portfolio Composition: This section shows how much of the club’s current value is represented by the stock, as well as the Industry and Sector that stock is part of.
  • Valuation: The valuation section lists the price of the stock as of the latest valuation, and whether this price is an overall gain or loss for the club; the section also shows information abot the stock’s P/E, Relative Value, PEG ratio, and dividend yield
  • Conclusion: The conclusion section takes the information on hand, along with analyst estimates, and makes a basic judgment about whether the stock is currently in the BUY, HOLD or SELL range.


If your StockWatcher report seems out of date, check with your treasurer, or whoever is in charge of creating new valuation reports. A big part of the data in the StockWatcher report is based on the club's existing values, which the report won't read without an updated Valuation Report!


As always, we strongly encourage clubs and members to use the information in this report as a starting point for research, analysis, and discussion.