Member Performance Graph

The Member Performance Graph tracks the change in cost basis and Value for club members.

Member Performance Graph Description

The Member Performance graph is intended to show the changes over time of the Cost Basis and Value of individual club members, either by dollar value or percentage change. The graph dynamically adjusts based on highest and lowest values of the club, as well as the length of time between the start and end dates of the report.

Graph Options

The Portfolio Performance graph defaults to showing the performance for the member who is currently signed in to the club, for their time in the club, but allows you to set different start and end dates, and use a drop-down menu to select a specific member of the club.

Selecting the Display percentage gain/loss instead of dollar values check-box and clicking Submit will display the change in value as percentages from whatever starting point you have chosen. Keep in mind that changing the start date will adjust the percentage; the report always treats the start of the graph as 0.0, so a 50% gain from when you started with the club might only be a 10% gain if you set the start of the graph to a few years after you began