Invite Visitors

This page allows you to send invitation emails to guests. Guest invitations are usually used when a club is strongly considering adding a member, but wants to make sure that the member has a chance to take a look at some of the general club records first.

Any such guest visitors have limited access to your club web site, as follows:

  • They can view the club's Accounting information (including all past transactions and reports).
  • they can view and contribute to the Watch List (so that, for instance, you could require them to complete an SSG and add it to the site as a condition of their prospective membership).
  • They can view the list of members and visitors (but only their names, not the personal information in their profiles).
  • They can view the files in the File Library.
  • They can view the Calendar.


The club administrator (or any member with permission to “Edit Member Profiles and Permissions”) can give visitors more access (if desired) by going to the People page, clicking the visitor's name and then editing their profile. All of the permissions that are available to members are also available to visitors. In particular, you may wish to allow visitors to:

  • View or post to message boards (except to the Private Messages List, which is always restricted to members).
  • Upload files to the File Library.


If the club guest joins the club, they can be upgraded to a full member from the People page; scroll to the Visitors section at the bottom of the page, and click upgrade to member. Conversely, if the guest does not join, simply click the withdraw link in the Visitors section at the bottom of the page.

This page includes an editable text box, showing some of what will appear in the email sent to the member(s) from this page. Any text you enter in this field will be sent to each member whose name and email you have added on this page. The message will also include a link to set up a login and password for the club. Shown below, is an example of what the email will look like when the member receives it.

The sections above and below the dashed lines in the message cannot be changed, but anything you have entered in the editable text box on the page, will show up in the middle of the email sent to the member(s).