Create New Motion

The New Motion page gives several options for creating and managing a new motion, from Adding the text of the motion, to adjusting the available answers. We have replicated some of the most common options that clubs make use of when deciding on a vote:

  • Does the vote end on a specific date, or when a majority opinion is reached?
  • How do you define a majority opinion? (Simple majority, 2/3, 3/4, Unanimous)
  • How will member votes be counted? (One member/one vote, or weighted by ownership)

In addition, we have added features specifically designed for performing online votes:

  • An option to be alerted by email, when the vote ends
  • An option to use a secret ballot. If this is left blank, all members can sign in, and see how each of them have voted. If you check the secret ballot box, then member names will not be shown when looking at voting results.
  • An option to notify members when you are done setting up the vote. Clicking Save motion and notify members will send out an email to your members, letting them know that a new vote has been posted.


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