Message Board Settings

This page allows administrators (or any member with proper permissions) to create a brand new message board, or to edit the settings on an existing one. It can be reached by either clicking the New Message Board link on the left hand side of the Discussions page, or by clicking the name of any displayed message board on the main Discussions page, and then clicking the Message Board Setup link on the right-hand side to access the Message Board Settings page.

Access to this page requires a specific Create and delete message boards permission that is not given to members by default. This permission can be found by going to the People page, and clicking the Edit Profile button in the Tools column for any member.

Scroll down to the list of permissions, when looking at a member's profile. Under the Manage/Access Message Board heading, click the box next to Create and delete message boards, then click the Save Changes button, and that member will be able to access the Message Board Settings page.

The Message Board Settings page contains the following information and options, and allows administrators to set any given message board’s parameters:

  • Message Board Name - The name displayed on the Message Board pages.
  • Email Alias - An e-mail address for the message board. Email messages sent to this address are posted to the message board. If this is blank, then posting and distribution of messages via e-mail is disabled.
  • Archive This Message Board - Allows messages to be read, but disables posting to the message board.
  • Hide message board history from new members – Check this box to prevent new members from being able to see messages posted to the message board before they joined the club.
  • Send Email to These Members - All members who have an email address listed in their Member Profile (People > Edit Profile) will be listed here. Messages posted to the message board are sent via email to all members whose names are checked on this page.
  • Visitor Access - Set this option as desired to allow/disallow visitors to have access to any given message board contents.
  • Update Message Board Settings - Saves any changes you have made to the message board settings
  • Delete Message Board - Deletes the message board, including any messages posted.

When working on a new message board, click the Create button to save your changes, and create the new message board. When working on a existing board, click Update Settings to save any changes, or click Delete Board, to delete this message board