Message board - New message page

This page allows you to post a new message to a specific message board. The message can be posted as an HTML message, or Plain Text. Selecting HTML means that the message board will respect html tags, if you enter them as part of the message; the message will not automatically be sent as html, unless you enter and use tags when composing the message. HTML can be useful if you want to make some text appear bold or in italics, but is not required simply to post a new message.

It is also possible to attach a file to the message. Doing so requires some general understanding of Windows, and knowing where the file is attached, but the general process is:

  • Click the Choose File button to open a new window.
  • Locate the file on your computer, disc, or other drive.
  • Double-click the file; this will return you to the message, and display part of the name of the file next to the Choose File button.
  • Click the Attach File button. This part is important; even if you have browsed for the file, and the file name shows up next to the Choose File button, it will not be attached until you click the Attach File button.

Once this is complete, and you have typed up the message, click the Post button, and the message will be posted to the appropriate message board.