Every time I open the software, an alert appears from Windows

When opening our software on any copy of Windows after XP (Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 etc.) an alert will appear stating that an unidentified or unknown program is trying to run or access the computer
This is due to a change from previous versions of Windows regarding how the system handles security.

The way our software is built, it needs to have what is usually referred to as "Administrator Access" on your computer. Due to some changes in security settings in newer versions of Windows, our software will trigger these alerts from Windows when it is run. While it's possible to turn off these Windows alerts, there is currently no way to do so for individual programs; as such we do not suggest doing so.

While it is also possible to turn off the administrator setting for our software (or make some change where the software resides on your computer), this will in many cases cause issues with regular operation such as:
-The software needing to be registered each time it is opened
-Not being able to get program updates
-In some cases, not being able to print reports.

With these things in mind, while it may take an extra step to get the software to open, we do not suggest turning off the Windows security, or the Administrator setting on our software.