Unable to complete Year-End Wizard

Sometimes when using the year end wizard, the program may freeze, or 'lock up'. If that happens, you can use the following steps as a work-around:

First, quit or cancel out of the wizard to get back to the main club accounting program; you will be doing the final two steps of the wizard manually in this case.

Identifying Securities:

  • In the club accounting program, click SECURITIES from left-hand side of the window; this will list all current securities.
  • If the club held securities that were sold off during the year, make sure to click the check-box near the bottom of the page to Show Inactives.
  • For any securities that are not ordinary or Common Stock, such as REITS, Mutual Funds, or others, double-click on that security in the list; this will bring up a screen to adjust security information.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the Type of Security, then click OK.
  • Repeat the above steps for any security that is not an ordinary or Common Stock.



Allocation of Income and Expense:

  • In the club accounting program, go to the TOOLS menu near the top of the window.
  • In Tools menu, select ALLOCATE INCOME AND EXPENSE.
  • On the Allocation page, make sure to select the year to allocate for.
  • After selecting the year, the program will take a moment, and then show a list of all securities which were changed to be other than ordinary or Common Stock.
  • Fill in the information for Dividends or Section 1250 information as needed for these securities, and click OK to run the allocation.


With these steps complete, you are ready to run your tax printer
NOTE: The tax printer will still show a message suggesting to return to the year end Wizard. You do not need to do that after completing the steps listed above.