Missing pages or stocks - form 8949 - tax printer

When printing the federal tax forms, you might notice that you do not have a separate Form 8949, or that only some of your stocks are listed on the form 8949 that prints out.

The Form 8949 is designed to show only blocks where the the broker information from the 1099 was different from your club records. That means the form 8949 will show up if:

  • You enter a broker's cost basis figure on the tax printer, and that figure does not match your records. Any difference will trigger this, so if your club records show the cost basis for a block sold during the year was 100.00 , and the broker's reported basis shows 99.00 , then a Form 8949 would show up with an entry showing a 1 dollar adjustment.

  • You put a checkmark in the Basis not reported on 1099 or the No 1099 received for sale check-boxes. In those cases, a form 8949 will be generated showing entries for those blocks. There will be no adjustment listed, but the form will have either ...transactions reported on Form(s) 1099-B showing basis was not reported to the IRS or ...transactions not reported to you on Form 1099-B selected above the list of transactions.


Also keep in mind that the form 8949 serves for both short and long term gains. If some of the broker's figures match yours, but others don't, it is entirely possible that you may end up with multiple pages of the form 8949. If your entries looked like those in the image below, for example, the tax printer would generate 3 pages of form 8949.

You would see one page each for:

  • The difference in cost basis for the block of Caterpillar shares bought on 3/2/2009, and sold on 3/1/2015, where the 1099 showed a different cost basis than what was reported in the club records.

  • The two blocks of Amgen bought on 8/4/2003 and 4/27/2005, both sold on 3/2/2015, for which the basis was not reported. This will usually show up on the 1099 as non-covered, or not reported.

  • The two blocks of Amgen bought on 5/11/2005 and 12/14/2009, both also sold on 3/2/2015. This is very rare for clubs. As opposed to the Basis not reported column, which usually means that a basis is listed, but not being reported to the IRS, the final column means that for whatever reason, the 1099 does not list any information for the sale.

  • The other four, un-highlighted rows would not be listed on the form 8949, because the basis entered from the 1099 matches the club records. Those entries would show up grouped together on Form 1065, Schedule D in line 8a (or 1a, if any of them were short term gain) ...transactions reported on Form 1099-B for which basis was reported to the IRS and for which you have no adjustments.

Basis Highlights.jpg