Club Accounting Maintenance

My Club Accounting Maintenance has expired. How do I renew?

A Club Accounting Maintenance Agreement is required for all Club Accounting users. Club Accounting Maintenance entitles your club to free updates to Club Accounting so that you can be sure your program is always current with tax law and loaded with the latest features. This agreement also means that if you have any questions about the software, you can contact us online or by telephone, and we'll answer your question quickly. It is also required for software updates, exporting data, and getting online stock quotes.

Club Accounting Maintenance can be renewed by calling ICLUBcentral at 1-877-334-2582 (1-877-33-ICLUB), or purchased online.


My maintenance is listed as expired, but it is is still in force.

If your club accounting maintenance agreement is listed as expired, there are a few common reasons:

  1. Your maintenance may have expired; Club Accounting maintenance is not the same as a BetterInvesting membership. contact Technical Support to double-check and renew.
  2. There may be a duplciate record at our end. Sometimes we get payments where the club name on the check doesn't match up with what we have on file. Again, contact Technical Support to correct your record.
  3. You or another member of your club has installed Club Accounting on a different computer. Normally the maintenance should show up on whichever copy is most recently renewed. If there is enough difference between registration details however, the system here may not correctly apply the maintenance to the new registration. Again, the best way to correct this is to contact Technical Support.
    1. Please note that Club Accounting is licensed to a Single User for use on a single computer at a time. Using Club Accounting on more than one computer at a time requires one of two options:
      1. Purchase a co-Treasurer license from ICLUBcentral at 1-877-334-2582 (1-877-33-ICLUB).
      2. Use an unlicensed copy for display purposes only. Do not make any updates to your club's records on the unlicensed copy, because you will not be able to export the data. You can use this copy to show your club your data, but not for entering data.