Changing Treasurers or Changing Computers

The steps listed below are intended to help an existing treasurer get set up on a new computer, or to help them transfer Club Accounting and the club records to a new treasurer.

If you are interested in setting up a co-treasurer, make sure that you purchase a separate serial number for the co-treasurer. Doing so is a one-time charge, and so long as the 2nd license is used for the same club, it will show the same maintenance as the primary license.
The license can be purchased by contacting ICLUBcentral at:
Once the second license is purchased, the co-treasurer can then follow the steps below, on setting up Club Accounting.


There are three main things required to get started:

  1. The proper serial number
  2. A recent backup
  3. A copy of the club accounting program


  1. The best way to make sure that you have the correct serial number is to open up the current Club Accounting program, and write down the serial number which appears on the page with the club name and maintenance date.
    (If your club is adding a treasurer, Make sure to use the newly purchased 2nd license serial number, instead)
  2. If for any reason the program is not operating correctly, the serial number can also be found on the back of the plastic case the program originally came in, or can be looked up by one of our support staff. You can contact support by filling in a support request at:
    Or by calling us at:



NOTE: These steps assume Club accounting is working correctly; if not, please contact support for help in getting your information

  1. In Club Accounting, go to the File menu, and choose Export.
  2. On the Export window, click Browse
    1. On the Browse For Folder window, we suggest to select Desktop.
      NOTE: If you have a removable drive plugged into the computer, you can certainly select Computer, and then the removable drive.
  3. Once you have the location selected, Click OK to Return to the Export Data window.
  4. Click OK to Export the data, and OK again to return to the Club Accounting program. When this is complete, you can close Club Accounting
    NOTE: Every backup file contains all of your club information, so you do not need to save multiple copies.

Once you have the backup file, you will need to get it to the new treasurer. The files are small enough that they can be sent through email, or saved on to any number of disks.
If you are not sure how to do this, please check the built in help files for windows, or your email program.



NOTE: Club Accounting requires an internet connection at least during registration; make sure one is available.

We suggest whenever possible to download and install the most recent version from our web site at:

Steps for this are as follows:

  • In your web browser, go to
  • Click Download Free Demo, in the right-hand column.
  • Fill in the information on the next page, and then click the DOWNLOAD button.
  • Click SAVE FILE (Firefox) or SAVE (Internet Explorer)
    • NOTE: Depending on the security settings in your copy of Windows, there may be an alert when you try to download or install club accounting. The alert will encourage you to delete the program, since we're not generally recognized by Windows. If you run into this, take the following steps:
      If you see buttons for Delete, Actions, and View Downloads, then first click 'Actions'.
      Click the More Info or More Options link on the screen, and then click the Run anyway button that will appear.
  • Most browsers will defaut to saving a file in your Downloads folder. If given the option by the browser, select DESKTOP for the save directory (you may need to click SAVE again to confirm the Desktop after selecting it.)
  • When the download is complete, close your web browser and double-click on the installation file in your Downloads folder, or your desktop.
  • Follow the on-screen installation instructions.


NOTE: If for any reason you need to install from a CD, make sure the label shows at least version 3.1; earlier version 3 CDs cannot be fully updated without installing the full version 3.1 program.
If you do install from a CD, you will need to make sure that it is registered, and fully up to date before attempting to import any backup files.

If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or 8, you will need to make sure to set the Club Accounting program to run as an administrator, as follows:


Setting Administrator mode:

Once you have Club Accounting installed, and set for your copy of Windows, open the program.

The first thing will be to enter the club name. While it is possible to change the name latter, the process can be tricky; double check your typing before clicking OK.
When asked for the serial number, go ahead and enter either the serial number for the outgoing treasurer, or the 2nd license serial number if the club is adding a second treasurer.
From here, follow the steps to import the backup file made earlier.

NOTE: If after registering, Club Accounting does not show the correct maintenance, contact ICLUB support to correct the issue.