Serious error message when importing CA3 data

If you encounter a serious error message when importing a backup file, the most common reason is that the data file was created on a newer version of the software then the version you currently have installed, resulting in a version incompatibility.

If you installed by CD, and that CD is more than a year or two old, we strongly suggest to un-install that copy, and instead download the most recent copy of Club Accounting from our web site at

If you have installed from a more recent CD, the next thing to do will be to check for any updates that have come out since the CD was originally sent to you. This can be done by re-opening Club Accounting, and selecting Check For Updates from the Help menu. Let Club Accounting download and install all updates it can find, and then try the import again.

If you continue to run into error messages, then make sure to check which version of the software you currently have. In Club Accounting 3, go to HELP > ABOUT CLUB ACCOUNTING.

If you are on version 3.0.9 or earlier, then you must un-install the program, and download the full version from our web site, noted above.

If you are on version 3.2.0 or newer, there may be an issue with the file you are trying to import. In that case, please contact ICLUBcentral support on our web site at:

Or by phone at: 1-877-334-2582