iKernal errors

Sometimes when trying to install one of our programs, an error may appear, making a reference to iKernal, or Install Shield. This means that for some reason, the computer could not fully read the installer file.

There are a few reason we have found for this error:

  1. If you double launch our installer accidentally, you may receive this error. This could happen if you have configured your mouse so that a single click equals a double click.
  2. If for some reason you canceled out of your original installation attempt and then subsequently re-launched the installer, you may receive this error.
  3. We have seen cases where it appears that Anti-Virus software which is active while downloading the file may cause this sort of trouble as well. In addition to the steps below on cleaning out the bad file, we suggest making sure that any virus watch or download monitoring software be made inactive during the downloading and installation of the file.

The first, and easiest thing to try is to restart the computer, and then re-try the download; if the installer was accidentally started twice, re-starting your computer is the easiest way to stop the installer.

According to the installshield knowledgeBase, the file can be cleaned out and replaced with a few steps.

First, make sure no copies of the installer are still running in the background:
On your keyboard, Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
Select Task Manager.
Select the Processes tab.
Look for IKernel.exe. If it is running, select it and click End Process.
Select Yes to the Task Manager Warning dialog.

Next, delete the InstallShieldEngine Folder by doing the following:

  • Double-Click "My Computer".
  • Double-Click the "C:" drive.
  • Double-Click the folder "Program Files"
  • Double-Click the folder "Common Files"
  • Find the InstallShieldEngine folder, and delete it.
  • Close any open windows

Last, go to the following link to download and install an iKernal update.
Once you have this done, delete the original downloaded file, and keeping in mind the three things mentioned near the start of the article, re-download the program from our web site.