Sending files by email

1. Open your email program, and create a new message.

2. If you are note sure how to send an attachment, please check the Help system built in to most email programs; there should be some instructions on your system about how to do an attachment. In brief, some of the more common methods are:

  • OUTLOOK EXPRESS - Select Insert > File Attachment or click the paperclip icon.
  • OUTLOOK - Select InsertAttach File or click the paperclip icon.
  • Gmail - Click Attach Files, or click the paperclip icon.
  • AOL - Select the Attachments button at the bottom of the email.

3. This will open a new window, showing a list of common locations and folders on the left, with the contents of the selected folder in the main part of the window. Use the list of locations on the left of the window to navigate to your file(s). The most common places you might have a file waiting are on the desktop, in your downloads folder, or in your Documents folder. Use the FILE FIND window to locate your backup or export file

4. Click OPEN or ATTACH, and then send the email.