Importing multiple companies at the same time from your computer

This FAQ is intended specificially as a way to import multiple companies if you do not already have a copy of Toolkit on another computer, that you could share library files with. If you do have anopther copy of Toolkit already, FAQ 135 or 239 might be more useful


Importing multiple companies


2. Choose Several at Once from My Computer.

A new window will open, showing a list of folders on your computer. If you have already set up a default folder for imports, Toolkit will check there first (If you haven't, we suggest to take a look at FAQ 463, that shows how to set a default folder for this.) If you haven't, start on Desktop or This PC, and navigate to the files you are looking for. In this method, any folder on the left-hand side will have its SSG files displayed.

3. In the example below, several .ITK files have been saved on to the computer's Desktop, and are listed in the Available column. Click to select one of the companies, and then click the >>Add>> button. Repeat that step for as many of the companies as you want to import. Each one will be listed in the Files Selected box.

4. When you have selected the files, click OK.

5. Select the Portfolio you want to import your data to, and click OK for Toolkit to import the files.

Note: If you choose to create a new portfolio, you will have the option to enter a new name and a type of broker.