Runtime Error 3034 in Toolkit

When trying to save an ssg, the following message appears:
runtime error 3034 - you tried to commit or rollback a transaction without first using beginning transaction.

The most common place we have seen this is with .ITK files exported from Toolkit where the file has been saved with an empty quarter of data. This can be resolved in one of two ways:

1. Update the original Stock Study so that there are no empty quarters of data.
2. Export the original Stock Study as a .ssg file instead of a .itk file.

Adjusting the original Stock Study
1. Open up the copy of Toolkit that the stock study came from, and then open that stock from the Library.
2. With the stock study open, click the < Data > button.
3. On the data window that comes up, click on the tab for Quarterly Data.
4. Fill in any missing quarterly information. If you do not have information for one of the boxes there, you will still need to fill in a place-holder; either the information from a previous quarter, or a 0.00
5. If the latest quarter is incomplete, you will need to either filll the information in, or use the "Last Quarterly Data" pull-down menu to select the last full quarter of data.
6. With this done, click < OK >.
7. From here, follow the regular steps for saving the changes to the company, and exporting the file.

NOTE: Even though Toolkit only displays the last 5 quarters on the quarterly data tab, it does keep track of several years of data; if you take the steps listed above, and still find members having trouble importing or saving a .itk file you've sent, then the best solution will be to send the file as an ssg instead, as follows:

1. With Toolkit open, click the Library tab near the top left-hand corner of the window.
2. Click the name of the company in your library that you would like to export.
3. Click The EXPORT button at the bottom of the Personal Library section.
4. This will open the "Export Company" screen where you will select whether the file will be exported in Stock Study Format or Toolkit format.
--In this case, make sure to choose the Stock Study (.ssg) format
5. You will also need to select a destination for the file. We suggest you click on DESKTOP at the top of the list.
6. Click EXPORT; Toolkit will save the file to the place you specified, and then close the export window.