Error 94 "Invalid use of null" - when working with a company in the personal library

Sometimes when working in Toolkit 6, you may encounter a message "Error 94, invalid use of null"

We have seen this happen in the following cases:

1. If you have no stocks listed in a portfolio, or are deleting the last stock from your last portfolio.

2. When updating data or prices for stocks in your library.

In the first case, the resolution is very simple: make sure to always keep at least one stock in a portfolio. Even if you don't regularly update or track that stock, having at least one stock in a portfolio will make sure this error does not occur.

In the second case, this means that one of the stocks in your portfolio is either missing some data, or has data (such as a zero, or negative number where there cannot normally be one) that Toolkit is not able to correctly understand. The easiest way we have found to resolve this is to locate the company stock in the library that is causing the error, delete that stock, and then re-download or re-enter the company information. Depending on the number of stocks in your library, locating the company may take some time; you will need to check and update each company until the error occurs, then delete that company.

The following steps assume that you have already tried a price or data update recently; if not, please try to update the data once before continuing.

1. Open your Library by clicking on the LIBRARY tab near the top left-hand corner of the Toolkit window.
2. Find the first stock in the list that does not have today's date, and double-click on it to open the ssg.
3. On the row of buttons just above the ssg, click on the Blue and White REFRESH button.
4. If the stock closes for a moment, and then re-opens, then you can close the stock (go ahead and click YES if Toolkit asks about saving changes) and move on to the next one in your library.
5. If Toolkit gives an error when trying to update the stock information, then we suggest to open the stock one more time, and either print a copy for your records, or make note on a pad of paper of any information you would like to save.
6. With the stock either printed out, or the information otherwise saved, close the stock.
7. Click once to select the stock from the Library again, and then click the Red X for DELETE at the bottom of the Personal Library listing of your stocks.
8. With the stock removed from the Library, try updating your information again. While it is rare to have more than one stock encounter this error, it is possible; if you run into the error again, repeat the steps above to remove the stock in question.