No First impression in Toolkit. Also possible: Error Initializing VBscript, script engine errors (possible 380)


When opening a new company in Toolkit6, the first impression screen will not appear.
There may be an error message after starting Toolkit stating that there is a problem with the script engine, or noting an error 380.


The first thing to check will be which icon is being used to start Toolkit.
We have seen cases where starting Toolkit using the non-admin / Toolkit6Server icon will disable the First Impression. If Toolkit opens, but there is no alert from Windows that the program needs to be allowed, the likely cause is that the non-admin / Toolkit6Server icon is being used.
If this is the case, simply restart the computer, and then go to Start > Programs > Toolkit 6, and try clicking the regular Toolkit 6 icon (with the Orange and Blue logo).
If this does not work, there may be some security software blocking the first impression, or the javascript that Toolkit uses for the first impression may be turned off.

From our research, the most common reason for this is that a copy of McAfee software was installed on the computer at some point, and after being remove/un-installed, it did not fully change back a default setting connected to running VBscript on the computer.

If you were using McAfee software in the past, and have removed it, this is likely the reason you are seeing the error when trying to use Toolkit.
In that case, McAfee provides a tool to fully remove and reset the changes made by their security program. We suggest to close Toolkit, then download and run the following file:
For more in-depth steps, please see McAfee help file TS101331 at:

After running this file, restart the computer, and then try Toolkit again; you should find that it operates correctly now.

While we haven't run into it so far, there have also been some reports that Avast! security software can have the same effect. If you were using Avast! at some point, and have uninstalled it, you may be running into a similar issue. In that case, Avast! also provides a more complete software removal tool. This tool requires some extra steps. The explanation can be found at:

If you have not been using McAffe or Avast, and still run into the error, it may be possible to manually adjust/correct the issue. This adjustment requires some digging into the computer registry, so it should not be attempted unless you are fairly confident regarding your computer abilities.

If you are not, then we suggest to either present the following information to a local computer technician, to help you with this adjustment:

  1. Open Regedit
  2. Navigate to:
    1. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{B54F3741-5B07-11cf-A4B0-00AA004A55E8}\InprocServer32
  3. When you select InprocServer32, there will be an entry on the right-hand side of the page named (Default)
  4. Double-click on this. The entry should be either C:\Windows\system32\vbscript.dll - OR- vbscript.dll
  5. Change the entry to the longer format, click OK, and then close the registry.
  6. Try Toolkit again.

--NOTE: If you run into an error when making the change, there is likely a larger permissions issue; in that case, the computer should be taken to a local specialist, who is familiar with diagnosing and touble-shooting Windows operation.