"Update Data” or "Update Prices" on Toolkit 6 home page remain red after performing an update.

The Update Data and Update Prices buttons turn red based on triggers set in the Toolkit preferences. By default, the Update Prices alert turns red if prices haven't been updated in 7 days, and the update data turns red if it's more than 45 days past the end of a quarter, or 90 days past the end of the year. If you have gone to Preferences > Thresholds, and adjusted these dates, you may see the Update Prices and Update data turn red more often.

If you haven't changed these preferences, and still find that the Update Prices or Update Data are lit up after doing your regular updates, there are a few things that can cause this.

  • If the company has changed their ticker symbol, been acquired in a merger, gone out of business, become de-listed, or anything else that would cause the ticker symbol in your Stock Study to no longer be valid.
  • In the case of the Update Data remaining red, it's also possible that the company simply has not filed quarterly reports in a timely manner.

Update Prices

If the Update Prices is red, the first thing to determine is which companies are causing this. Right-click Update Prices on the Toolkit 6 home page, and from the menu that appears, click Show Stale Prices. This will show only the stocks in the library that Toolkit does not have up to date prices for. If there is only one stock listed up, double-click on the listing for that stock in the window, to open the Stock Study. If there is more than one stock listed, we suggest to note the stock names on a sheet of paper, close the window, and instead use the Library to open the stock(s) in question.

Once you have the stock open, click the large Data button, next to Adjust Graph.
On the Basic Data page, check the ticker symbol to confirm it is correct. Click Prices near the bottom of the window, to have Toolkit check and update the company price. If the price updates, click OK, and repeat the steps for any other stocks with the same issue. If the price does not update, we suggest to open your web browser and check for the company on a finance site such as Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, or similar.

  • If the company shows up with a different ticker symbol, return to Toolkit, change the ticker on the Data window, and try updating the price again.
  • If the company shows up with the same ticker symbol you have in Toolkit, double-check on the site when it was last updated. Some sites will keep track of historical prices even after a stock has stopped trading (either after a merger, company closing, or delisting). If the stock is no longer trading, then you should return to Toolkit, and delete the stock from your library.

Close the SSG. Choose to save the changes. With this done, you should be able to update the prices again.

Update Data

If Update Data is the only listing in red, the most likely reason is that one or more companies have not filed a quarterly or year-end report recently. If you don't already know which companies are causing Update Data to remain in red, there are two ways to check this.

The fastest way is often to click Update Data button again, to see a list of companies that Toolkit does not have recent data for.

If you do this, and the Update Data window is blank, then it means we have received an updated data file from Morningstar, but that the quarterly data is still older than whatever range was set in the Preferences. To check which companies are causing this, use the following steps:

  • With the Update Data window closed, click the Library tab. At the top of the library, you will see three columns. The first two will always be titled Ticker and Name. The third one can be changed so that the title will show either Judgment, Price, or Quarter.
  • If the title on the third column is showing Judgment or Price, right-click the title to show a menu of the other two options, and then left-click Quarter.
  • With the third column titled Quarter, then just click on that title, and the library will organize itself based on the last Quarter of data, with the oldest at the top.

It's important to keep in mind that just because a company does not have recent quarterly data, does not mean that it is out of date. Especially if the company is an ADR for a foreign stock, it's entirely possible that the company simply does not file the 10-Q quarterly reports that Morningstar uses to fill in quarterly data.

If you aren't sure when the most recent quarter ended, open the Stock Study for the company and click the large Data button, next to Adjust Graph. On this window, click the Quarterly Data tab, and check when the most recent quarter ended.

The best place to check for company filings is the SEC web site at: https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html

On this web site, enter the company ticker symbol in the Ticker or CIK box, under the Fast Search heading, and then click Search.

The page that comes up will show all of the recent company filings, along with the date that they were filed. You will want to look for recent 10-Q (Quarterly) or 10-K (Yearly) filings.

If you do not see a company filing with a date after the most recent quarter, or year-end, it means that the SEC (and by extension, our data service) does not yet have that information. In that case, the best thing will be to check back periodically, until the company does file their year, or quarter end information.

If a form has been filed since the most recent year or quarter end, keep in mind that it can take up to 4 days from the time of the filing, for the information to become available in our data service. If it has not yet been this long, please check back in your Toolkit within that time period.

If the filing date is over 4 business days ago, then we do encourage you to contact us at either:

1-877-334-2582 -or- 1-877-275-6242

While we cannot immediately make the data show up, contacting our support team will make sure we check with Morningstar to find out what the delay is for the company data being updated.