Runtime Error 380 when attempting to open an ssg

When attempting to open an ssg, you may run into an error message:
Run time error '380' Invalid Property Value.
NOTE: If the erorr 380 comes up when Toolkit is opening, or there is a message about a problem with a VBscript, or the script engine, Please see our note No First Impression in Toolkit (

If the error 380 comes up when Toolkit is first opening, this is most likely a case of missing of corrupted Fonts on the computer.

The font files that are most likely to cause this error if they're missing, or not working are:
Trebuchet MS
Microsoft Sans Serif
MS Sans Serif
Courier New
Arial Narrow
Wingdings (also Wingdings 2 and 3)

The best way to correct this will be to repair, or re-install these fonts.

While it's possible to do this manually, it involves working with files and folders that were not intended to be opened or used on a regular basis; making changes to these folders may cause other problems with Windows if the changes are not done correctly.
With this in mind, we strongly suggest to take your computer to a local repair shop, and have them either repair or replace the fonts listed above.