Webroot blocks Tooklit 6 from updating prices / data.

If you are using a Webroot security program, you may run into one or more of the following issues:

  • When trying to update prices, the Price window will open, but it will be blank.
  • When trying to update data for an existing Stock Study, or start a new one, there may be a long pause, after which you will see an alert stating that data could not be retrieved, and to contact technical support.
  • If you are using StockCentral as your data service, you may intermittently see a message that Toolkit 6 tried to download a Roster of Quality, but was unable to; the message will suggest to check your login, password and internet connection.

While we have sometimes seen cases where re-installing Toolkit 6 seems to eliminate this issue, it appears in most cases that this is only temporary.

The most immediate solution we have seen is to turn off the Web Shield portion of the Webroot software, before you open Toolkit 6. Since the primary purpose of the Web Shield is to check the results page when you use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, turning it off while using Toolkit will not expose your computer to malicious software.

To turn off the Web Shield: open the Webroot status window. If you see the Webroot icon in the task tray near the bottom corner of the computer screen, double-click it. Otherwise check the desktop, the list of programs available from the Start menu, or type Webroot into the search box that appears when you click the Start button. Regardless of how you get there, check the main Webroot window for Web Shield, usually under the heading of PC Security. By default, all of the buttons under the PC security heading will be On. Click the button next to the listing for Web Shield, to turn it off.

Close the Webroot window, and the next time you open Toolkit 6, it should correctly be able to update prices, and get company data.

For a longer term solution, we strongly suggest instead that you take steps to make sure Webroot specifically allows the Toolkit6.exe and the Toolkit6Server.exe to operate without restriction. For more steps on this, please check the webroot support page https://tinyurl.com/ous5waj We have a few suggestions for what you might send to them as a support request:
Include information about the detection, like the OS (Windows 8, 10, etc.) and the name of the programs that need to be allowed ( Toolkit 6.exe and Toolkit6Server.exe).
We have submitted copies of the Toolkit program to Webroot, so they can verify for themselves that Toolkit is an ordinary program. Regardless, we strongly encourage you to submit a support request at the ( https://detail.webrootanywhere.com/servicewelcome.asp ) web page, to let them know that the file(s) are safe. We expect Toolkit will be approved, but If members submit tickets about this , hopefully the process may go a bit faster.