Runtime error 3024 OR "Your currently specified Finder database (company.mdb) is missing or invalid"

When trying to open an SSG by the following three methods, Toolkit presents an error stating Your currently specified Finder Database (Company.MDB) is missing or invalid, then gives you the option to use an existing database.
The three methods are:
2. Enter a ticker symbol in the ticker box near the top left of the Toolkit window and click FIND.
3. From the Toolkit Home Page, click STOCK SELECTION, then click USE SUBSCRIBED DATA FILES on the following window.

If you enter a company name in the Company Name box next to the Ticker box near the top-left instead, a Runtime error appears:
Run-time error '3024':
Couldn't find file 'C:\Program Files\NAIC Software\Toolkit6\company.mdb'.

Closing this error box by clicking OK or the X button closes Toolkit


This happens when the file, company.mdb, has either been removed or become corrupted.


Unless you have previously made a manual backup of the company.mdb file, we suggest to copy your library files onto the desktop, and re-install Toolkit6 as follows:

  1. Restart the computer (You may have done this once already, but we want to make sure there's nothing extra happening in the background while you're working)

  2. Go to START > MY COMPUTER (shortened to COMPUTER in some copies of Windows)

  3. This will open a window showing all of the drives your copy of Windows know about.
    Open the C: drive (also sometimes called Local Disk C). From there, open PROGRAM FILES > ICLUBCENTRAL > TOOLKIT 6

  4. In the Toolkit folder, look for any files that have .mdb at the end.
    If you don't see anything with .mdb at the end, Click on ORGANIZE at the top of your screen.
    • (If you are using Windows XP, click on the TOOLS menu, instead of ORGANIZE the top of your screen)
    This will open a new window. Click the VIEW tab in this new window.
    Look down the list for HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES. Uncheck it and click OK. You should now see files with .mdb at the end of the name.

  6. Once you have the .mdb files showing, take the following steps:
    - Right click on the file, and choose COPY
    - Minimize the window
    - Right-click on the Desktop, and choose PASTE
    The database file is usually named TK.mdb If you have made a copy of it at some point, the file may have a series of numbers as part of the name. If you aren't sure, take the same steps for all .mdb files.

  7. Once you have the files copied, it's time to uninstall the program.
    Windows may ask you about removing several files during this process. If so, you can save time by using the check-box that says to use the same choice for all options, and then clicking YES.

  8. When this is done, restart the computer and go to:
    On this page, download and install the full Toolkit 6 program.

  9. When the program is installed, copy the .mdb files back into the same folder that they came from previously.
    Right-click on the .mdb file on your Desktop, and choose COPY.
    Go to START > MY COMPUTER (shortened to COMPUTER in Windows Vista) > C: > PROGRAM FILES > ICLUBCENTRAL > TOOLKIT 6
    In the Toolkit 6 folder, go to the EDIT menu, and choose PASTE Windows will likely ask to confirm that you want to write over an existing file; click YES.
    If you had more than one .mdb file, repeat these steps for each one.

  10. When any files are copied back over, you should be able to open Toolkit, and operate it as usual.

  11. NOTE: You will probably have to re-enter your data subscription information.
    Go back in Toolkit to Options > Preferences > Data Feed
    Fill in your ID and password for the services you have a subscription to.
    If you have StockCentral from ICLUB, you should enter your StockCentral login and password.
    For BetterInvesting, your ID this will usually be your member number.
    If you aren't sure what your ID and password are for the service you have, contact whoever you have the subscription with:
    ICLUBcentral - 1-877-334-2582
    BetterInvesting - 1-877-275-6242