Error 3041 using Toolkit 6 in Windows 8

When opening Toolkit 6, you might see: "Error 3041 Can't open library from earlier version"

To date, we have seen only a handful of reports of this error. In one case the member was having other problems with his computer, and re-formatted the drive. In another, the member got fed up with Windows 8, and reverted to Windows 7, and has not reported the error.

As of this writing (06/26/14), we have not seen a 100% reliable solution to this error. The following steps have helped some members, but if they do not, we would suggest to try Toolkit on another computer if possible.

Possible solutions:

Make sure that your copy of Windows is up to date:

For steps on how to do this, see the 'Do I need to check for updates topic at:


Register a set of .dll files:

1. Bring up a command prompt in admin mode:
In Windows 8:
a. Right-click at the very bottom left hand corner of the computer screen.
b. From the menu that comes up, left-click on ' Command Prompt (Admin) '.

In Windows 7:
a. Click the Start button, and in the search box at the bottom of the list of programs, type ' command prompt ' without the quotes.
b. Right-click the listing for Command prompt when it shows up in the list, and then left click ' Run as administrator '

2. If you have a 64-bit copy of Windows, Type: cd \windows\syswow64 and then click Enter on the keyboard to switch to the system directory, if it is not already in that directory.
If you have a 32-bit system, or are not certain, start by typing cd \windows and then clicking Enter.

3. From the system directory, type the following and press ENTER after each:

regsvr32.exe MSEXCL40.DLL
regsvr32.exe MSRD2X35.DLL
regsvr32.exe MSRD2X40.DLL
regsvr32.exe MSRD3X40.DLL

After each one you should get a message that says "DllRegisterServer succeeded..."

When this is complete, re-start the computer, and try Toolkit again.