Runtime Error 3021


When working with stocks in Toolkit 6, you might run into a runtime error 3021, after which the program closes.

From our experience, this means some data is missing from the data file.

The best first step in case you run into this error, is to make sure that the stock study is saved in Toolkit. If you look near the top of any stock study, you will see a set of buttons Select View, a Percentage, a Print, and a Save button, as in the images below.


If your copy of the stock looks like the first image, you may have trouble when trying to update price or data information. To make sure that this is not the issue, click the Blue and White Save button, just to the right of the Print button. This will make sure that Toolkit has saved copy of the stock study to work with. You can tell if this is the case because Toolkit will add smaller Data and Price buttons between the Save and the main Data button.

At this point, you should be able to update data either manually, or by using the smaller Data and Price buttons.

If you still encounter the error 3021 at this point, we suggest to delete the affected stock(s) from your library and re-import them into Toolkit. Keep in mind, if the stock was sent to you by another member, or you are importing from somewhere other than a data service, you may run into the error again. In that case, we suggest you ask the member who sent the file to update their data, then send you a fresh copy of the file.