Runtime Error 13 - Type Mismatch

When entering Analyst Estimates in Toolkit 6, an Error message appears after clicking OK. The Error message is Runtime Error '13'.

A Type Mismatch error occurs when something is entered that the program is not expecting, or able to understand.

To date, we have only seen this error when entering something other than a number and decimal point for an analyst estimate.

For example, entering 5.0% for an EPS, or 2.3M for Sales will cause the error, but 5.0 for EPS or 2.3 for Sales will not.

If you run into this error, double-check and make sure that you are entering only numbers, decimal points or commas into any data field in Toolkit 6.

NOTE: Toolkit assumes that any number entered in EPS is in dollars, while anything entered in Sales is in Millions of dollars.