Shortcut keys in Toolkit

Shortcut key combinations in Toolkit

The following key combinations activate some extra features or options in Toolkit:

  • Alt – S
    Shows sustained growth
    • Multiplies the reciprocal of the Av. % Payout by the 5-year Av. Return on Equity using starting equity.
  • Alt – C
    Calculates the “Rational Price” Divides the current price by the Relative Value.
  • Ctrl - Alt - E --OR-- Ctrl - Alt - J
    Judgments: Both of these key combinations will quickly fill in a stock study with some basic judgments applied.
  • Alt - I
    Brings up the First impression screen. When used with StockCentral data, the First Impression will also give a quality rating.
  • Ctrl - Alt - D
    Resets back to the default judgment obtained from using Alt I
  • Ctrl - Alt - E
    Gives what is usually a slightly more conservative judgment than the standard Ctrl Alt D