Unable to manually enter Estimated High EPS

When trying to manually enter an Estimated High EPS on section 4 of the SSG, you may run into an error:
Growth rate cannot be calculated from negative last year EPS. Change the starting point of the trend.

This happens if the starting point of your Projection line for Earnings is negative; this can be either the last annual data, or last quarterly data, depending on the setting in Toolkit, and on the individual SSG. Due to the calculations Toolkit makes, it cannot calculate a positive number from a negative starting point.

The best option is to change where the EPS figure is taken from. Toolkit has three options for this: Last Annual Data, Last Quarterly Data, End of Trend Line.

First, you will need to make sure Enable Trend Line Options is selected.
1. With the Stock Study closed, Select Preferences from the Options menu.
2. On the Preferences window, click the Stock Study (SSG) tab.
3. If Enable Trend Line Options is already checked, click OK. If not, click to put a check mark in the box, and then click OK.

With the Trend line options enabled, open up the stock in question.
1. On the toolbar just above the ssg, click Adjust Graph
2. On the Visual Analysis screen, click Start Projection
3. From here, you can select Last Annual Data, Last Quarterly Data, or End of Trend Line. The default is Last annual, but if you have made a change in the Preferences, one of the other two options may already be selected. Regardless of the current selection, try selecting one of the other two options. As long as the EPS is positive for the option you select, then the calculation can be made.
4. Once the choice is made, click OK to close the Beginning Projection Line Options window, and then OK again to close the Visual Analysis window.
5. With that change, you should now be able to manually enter an estimated High Earnings Per Share.