Why is my data so old? / Why was the last update so long ago?

Companies have a substantial amount of time to report results after the end of each quarter and fiscal year. Our data provider (Currently Morningstar) must collect and organize the data, check the information and put it into its database. While some information is available from press releases, the majority of data is obtained from standard 10k (annual) and 10q (quarterly) filings made with the SEC.

Companies have 45 days after then end of a quarter and 90 days after the end of their fiscal year to report. That means that companies with fiscal years that end on December 31 have until the end of March to file their year-end reports.

After data is reported, It may still take several days for it to be updated in in our database; Morningstar provides the data to us, but they don't simply copy and paste from a company's web site, press release, or SEC filing. They review all the financial data reported by the company and then normalize the EPS to reflect results from ongoing operations. As a result, there may always be a slight delay, though Morningstar is working on expediting the data reporting.