Making a change to the EPS on the Portfolio Review Report does not effect the SSG

The ability to enter your own estimates for the next twelve months in the portfolio reports is used to fine-tune the outlook of current holdings in the context of the review of an existing portfolio, and to give a clearer picture of the near-term expectations. Changing the value here does NOT affect the stock study or anywhere else in the program outside the portfolio features.

At the point where you conduct a stock study, you are looking ahead with the benefit of a view of what's happened, but there is a clear break in the continuum where you say "what's past is past, here's what I expect for the future," and the assumptions are rarely exactly the same. We apply conservative judgment, and scale back growth rates, and lower PE ratios for our long-term view, for instance. However, in the near-term, the future may be a lot less murky than the view is when we try to see out five years. The Portfolio Review Report allows us to incorporate a bit of the near-term view to give us a sense of what's perhaps more likely to occur in the short term, without affecting our long-term vision.

In the history of the BI/NAIC-based methodology, the Portfolio features were never meant to "flow back" to your original stock study -- the original stock study was fixed in time at the point at which you prepared it, and you used the portfolio reports and the PMG/SMG to monitor your holding as time marched onward. Toolkit 6 continues with that approach, even as we recognize that many people use the SSG/Stock Study in lieu of (or as adjunct to) the portfolio tools.