My Tax Printer CD hasn't arrived yet. Can I download the tax printer from your website instead?

If you have not received your CD yet, but wish to install and run your tax printer, we do have an alternative. Please keep in mind, you will still receive your CD.

  1. Close Club Accounting.
  2. Please go to our download page at:
  3. Once there, click the link to download the Federal or State Tax printer.
  4. Click SAVE FILE (Firefox) or SAVE (Internet Explorer)
  5. Select DESKTOP for the save directory. (You may need to click SAVE again to confirm the Desktop after selecting it.)
  6. When the download is complete, close your web browser and double-click on the installation file on your desktop.
  7. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.
  8. Once this is completed, re-open club accounting, and select the tax printer from the Taxes menu.