Average High and Low P/E figures in section 3 do not appear to be the average of the figures for the previous 5 years.

When looking at section 3 of an ssg, the figures listed as the average for the High and Low P/E might not match up with what a manual calculation of the previous 5 years would indicate.

The most common reason we see this is due to a setting change in Toolkit which allows the program to show the average High and Low P/E for 10 years instead of 5
To check if this is the case, go to Options > Preferences > Stock Study (SSG)
If there is a check-mark next to " Enable 10 Year PEs For Section 3 ", then the copy of Toolkit has been set to calculate the Average High and Low from the previous ten years of information instead of five. If you would like to switch back to the five year calculation, click to un-check the box, and then click OK at the bottom left of the Preferences window