Finding Stock Split information

Most brokers consider stock splits a standard enough transaction that they may not give any detail about the split ratio. This can cause trouble, especially considering most clubs will end up with fractional shares of stock that are automatically sold off. For general steps on how to enter stock splits, please see our FAQs for Stock Splits in Club Accounting 3, or Stock Splits in

For most stocks, the easiest way to find the split ratio will be to use our built in tools:


From the Club Home page (the first page or screen that shows up when you go to your club), click the small ICLUB logo next to the ticker symbol of the stock you are interested in. 




If you are using the Desktop Accounting, your web browser will open up, and take you to a Research links page, showing information on the stock. Click View Stock Splits on this page, and a list of the most recent splits will appear.


If you are using the online accounting, you will be taken to the Stock Quotes/Information page that is part of your club. This can also be found by going to Accounting > Utilities > Get (stock) quote and entering a symbol manually. The page defaults to showing a basic graph of recent stock history, but clicking on the Stock Splits link will show all stock split information for the company.

For more information on the Stock Quotes page, please also see the FAQ for the Get Stock Quotes page on the FAQ site:


If for any reason we do not have information on the stock split through, you may also want to check an outside site, such as