ICLUB software and services on Tablet Computers

There are three primary types of tablet computers on the market at this time:

  • iPad from Apple, which uses iOS
  • Android, built by multiple companies, but all using some form of Android OS
  • Surface from Microsoft, which can run one of two different types of Windows.

At this time, iPads and Android tablets can only use our web-based services such as myICLUB.com , StockCentral.com , MyStockProspector.com , and the newsletters; Investor Advisory Service and Small Cap Informer.

In May of 2015, Microsoft introduced the Surface 3 line. Both the smaller and larger Surface 3 tablets run full copies of Windows; this means they can run any ICLUBcentral software.

If you have a previous edition (Surface, or Surface 2), then you need to be aware that only the Pro versions of those earlier editions are capable of running ICLUBcentral software.

For these previous generations, Microsoft tablets labled simply as Surface (or Surface RT), did not run a full copy of Windows, so (similar to the iPad), it is only able to use our web sites.

If you already have a Surface, and want to check which copy of Windows it uses, try the following Microsoft web site:


If you are shopping for a Surface, the easiest way to tell which one you are looking at will be the price; the regular Surface consistently sells for about half the price of a Surface Pro. Aside from this, if you can check the packaging, make sure to look at the listing for the System or OS used on the Surface. The standard Surface (prior to Surface 3, introduced in 2015) will show that it uses Windows RT, instead of a regular copy of Windows 8 or 8.1.