Sending in a Club Accounting data file.

If you run into an issue in Club Accounting, where you are having trouble with a transaction, or maybe seeing information on a report that looks out of place, it can often be helpful to send a copy of your club data into ICLUBcentral. If you send in a copy of your data file, we can examine it here, and suggest changes or corrections that will help you enter the transaction, or simply explain a report based on your specific club transactions. If you would like to send in your data, there are two main steps:

  • Saving your data onto your computer.
  • Sending in a support request with the data attached.

In Club Accounting Version 3, the name of the file starts with your club name, followed by the date, and ends in ".ICF". For example, a data file that was exported on October 3rd, 2014 by a club named Investing Our Way would be called InvestingOurWay_14-10-21.ICF

Saving your data with Club Accounting 3:
  1. Select File, then Export.
  2. Click the Browse button and select where you would like to save the data. We suggest Desktop when you plan to send in a copy of the file, but the most important thing is to choose a location you know you can find easily.
  3. Click OK, then OK again.
  4. Once the file has been exported, click OK on the confirmation window, and then you can close Club Accounting.

Sending in a support request with the data file Attached:
  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. Select a product; in this case, Club Accounting, and then click Continue.
  3. On the following page, fill in as much as possible in the top section so we'll know your name, email, and club name.
  4. In the My Question is about drop-down menu, select one of the options. Usually if you are sending in a file, the best selection will be either Error, or Data.
  5. Give a quick summary in the summary box; usually a note that your question is about a particular transaction, or a specific report is best.
  6. In the next section, enter the details of the question. If you are having trouble with a particular transaction, let us know the steps you have already tried, for example. If you are having trouble with a report, let us know what you are seeing on the report vs. what you are expecting to see.
  7. before clicking the Submit request, first make sure to click the attach a file link; this will make two new buttons show up, Choose File, and Attach.
  8. Click Choose File, and a new window will open, which will show a list of common places on the left hand side of the window. The rest of these steps will assume you made the export to the Desktop; if that is not the case, substitute Desktop for the actual location of the file. If you aren't sure how to get to where the file was saved, we strongly suggest making a new backup, and choosing Desktop, even if only this one time.
  9. If it is not already selected, click Desktop on the left hand side of the window; this will show all of the files saved to the Desktop, including the backup made earlier.
  10. Double-click the backup file; you will be returned to the support page, and the backup file will be listed next to the Choose File button; you may not see the entire name of the file, but as long as some part of it shows up, you are OK.
  11. Click Attach; the page will refresh, and under the attach a file link, there will be a listing for Attachments: and the backup file will be listed.
  12. Click the Submit Request button, and the file will be sent in.