Access Denied - Component Transfer Error

When trying to install Toolkit, you may find a case where the installer does not complete, and at some point gives an error message stating access is denied, and that there was a component transfer error.

From our research. this appears to be an issue with Install Shield Software.

First, restart the computer, to make sure that no part of the installer is still running.
When the computer comes back on, go to the following link:
This goes to a support page for the InstallShield software. From this page, download and run the software on the 'Download the fix' link.
Once this software had been run, please try Installing Toolkit again.

If that does not work, please try the following:
Go to Start > Computer > C > Program Files > Common Files > InstallShield
In the Install Shield folder, there should be another folder named Professional; right-click on this folder, and select Delete.
Close any open windows, and try installing Toolkit again.