Runtime Error 9, subscript out of range

When starting a new stock study or trying to update an existing one, you may see an error box with the message " Runtime Error 9, subscript out of range." Clicking OK on this box closes the ssg, and Toolkit.

The reason this happens is that when trying to get or update data or prices for a stock study, Toolkit encounters either no information, or information it cannot process.

There are a few reasons this can happen, but at the core, it's about company data.


If you are starting a new study, or updating an old one, the most common reasons for the error are that we do not have data for that company.
This can happen if a compay has been merged, gone out of business, or may simply not be listed in our database.

The best place to start is to Google the company you're interested in, to make sure that it's still publicly traded.
If the company is traded, but is new, double-check how long it's been on the market for. Our database usually won't list a company that hasn't posted at least one full 10-K annual report. If the company has at least one 10-K, it may not be listed in our database. We cover several thousand companies, but it's always possible we don't have the one you're looking for. In that case, let us know the symbol(s), and we can check if it's listed in our database. If you are reading this in an email sent by Support staff, reply back to let us know the ticker, and we can check our database.

If you are reading this on a web site, please submt a support request at:

If this is an existing company you have worked on in the past, double-check that they have not been acquired by a private company, performed a merger with another publicly traded security, or changed their ticker symbol. Any of these could result in an error when trying to get data.


If you are manually entering company data, there are a few steps that can lead to the error:

1. A new stock study is started, and Manual Data Entry is chosen when asked for a data source.
2. You fill in some information, but not the ticker symbol box, and then click OK.
3. After clicking OK, Toolkit will close the Data window, and then open the Company Locator. Any stock chosen at this point will cause a runtime error 9 if you click OK.

The easiest way to avoid the error is to always make sure to enter the ticker when using manual data entry, even if the symbol is fake. If you forget to do this, simply click the Cancel button when the Company Locator window appears.


We have also seen this in some cases if Toolkit cannot get price data for a company.

In October of 2017, Yahoo! discontinued the free price update service that has been an option for several years. We have taken steps to provide ICLUBcentral prices as an alternative, but if your copy of Toolkit is not up to date, this may be an issue. To check this, go to Preferences, in the Options menu. If you see an option to select the price feed, choose ICLUBcentral, and then click the OK check-mark at the bottom left of the Preferences window. Once this is done, try updating prices or data again.